If non-surgical treatment options aren’t successful, it may be time to consider surgery. Decompression with the Coflex® Interlaminar Stabilization® device is an alternative to fusion, that reduces pain, and helps preserve mobility.

The Coflex device is the only posterior lumbar motion preservation solution with proven long-term outcomes for durable pain relief and stability. The “U” shape design allows the Coflex device to be positioned on the strongest bony structure of the posterior column, the lamina. The Coflex implant maintains the height between the bones in your spine to help the nerves move freely.

The Coflex device is an option for patients that do not want to go through pedicle screw fusion, but for whom a decompression alone would not offer needed stability.

In the FDA study, 94% of patients were satisfied with their outcomes after two years.* Ask your doctor if you’re a candidate for the coflex device.

Coflex has become a device that can change people’s lives. It changes the length of stay for surgery, the recovery, the ability to return to activities that they weren’t able to do before in a shorter period of time.”

Andrew Fox

Benefits of the Coflex Device vs. Fusion¹

Pedicle screws and rods are used to fuse bones together – a highly invasive spinal stenosis surgery that can sometimes result in loss of motion and a long and arduous recovery process. In a U.S. FDA study, the coflex device proved to be a beneficial alternative to pedicle screw fusion. The results showed that patients with the coflex device performed as well if not better in all clinical measurements. The patients who received a coflex device experienced:

  • Leg and back pain relief (both immediately and long-term)

  • Less time in the operating room, less blood loss, and fewer days in the hospital

  • Faster relief of symptoms and quicker recovery (pain and function measurements)

  • Maintenance of range of motion at both treated and adjacent segments

¹ Claims based on Evaluation of decompression and lnterlaminar Stabilization compared with decompression and fusion for the treatment of lumbar spinal stenosis 5-year follow-up of a prospective, randomized, controlled trial.  Musacchio, M., International Journal of Spine Surgery, 2016.

Benefits of the Coflex Device vs. Decompression Alone²

While decompression works for many patients, it could cause your spine to become unstable. When the Coflex device is added, it provides additional benefits such as:

  • Superior walking distance improvement (2.4x more compared to decompression alone)

  • Significantly less epidural steroid injections post-surgery (decompression patients had 3.3x more)

  • Superior composite clinical information (combination of 4 clinically relevant factors: disability improvement, neurological maintenance or improvement, no subsequent interventions, no device related complications)

  • Superior foraminal and disc height maintenance (allowing nerves to exit spinal canal freely)

2 Claims based on Prospective, randomized, multicenter study with 2-year follow-up to compare the performance of decompression with and without interlaminar stabilization” Schmidt, S, Journal Neurosurgery, 2018.