1500+ surgeons from all over the U.S. have implanted the Coflex® Interlaminar Stabilization® device and have been vocal in sharing their success.

“Coflex® has become a device that can change people’s lives.”

Dr. Andrew Fox, Los Angeles, California

“I think the Coflex® is a very attractive option for surgeons and patients to avoid fusion, maintain movement at that segment… it’s safe and effective, much less downtime, we often do these as outpatients, and a quick recovery.”

Dr. Darrell Brett, Portland, Oregon

“The thing about Coflex® that interested me most was that it fit with my philosophy to do as little as possible to the patient or to the anatomy, but to achieve the greatest result.”

Dr. Reginald David, Tampa, Florida

“I was fortunate enough at that time, young in my practice, to be exposed to a technology that probably has changed the way I think about the spine and treating spinal pathologies.”

Dr. Hyun Bae, Los Angeles, California

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