The Coflex device is available in the following sizes:

Color Code on Implant Box Size Article Number
16mm UQI0016
14mm UQI0014
12mm UQI0012
10mm UQI00010
8mm UQI00008

All necessary trials and instruments fit in the Coflex sterilization tray shown:

Part Number Description
UBT10008 Coflex trial size 8mm
UBT10010 Coflex trial size 10mm
UBT10012 Coflex trial size 12mm
UBT10014 Coflex trial size 14mm
UBT10016 Coflex trial size 16mm
UET00008 Coflex wing trial
UAT10100 Coflex blending pliers
UAT10200 Coflex crimper pliers
UAT20100 Coflex mallet
UBC00000 Coflex sterilization tray

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