The Coflex® device is available in the following sizes:

Color Code on Implant Box Size Article Number
16mm UQI0016
14mm UQI0014
12mm UQI0012
10mm UQI00010
8mm UQI00008

All necessary trials and instruments fit in the Coflex® sterilization tray shown:

Part Number Description
UBT10008 Coflex® trial size 8mm
UBT10010 Coflex® trial size 10mm
UBT10012 Coflex® trial size 12mm
UBT10014 Coflex® trial size 14mm
UBT10016 Coflex® trial size 16mm
UET00008 Coflex® wing trial
UAT10100 Coflex® blending pliers
UAT10200 Coflex® crimper pliers
UAT20100 Coflex® mallet
UBC00000 Coflex® sterilization tray

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