Coverage Guidance from Surgalign

Surgalign is focused on expanding patient access to the Coflex® technology. Coverage includes Medicare and no prior authorization is required for Parts A and B. Commercial payers and Med-Advantage Plans require prior authorization.

Surgalign’s Clinical Specialist (CS) team offers reimbursement and coding support directly to your offices. The CS team is also able to offer guidance about patient and procedure authorization by presenting your office with educational tools to streamline the patient coverage access process.

Our CS team has extensive experience supporting offices through the insurance coverage process for the coflex procedure. Throughout a patient’s healthcare cycle, we support stakeholders: Spine Surgeons, Advanced Practice Providers, RNs, Surgery Schedulers, Pre-authorization Staff, Billing/Coding Staff and Distribution Partners.

We engage stakeholders to ensure the understanding and awareness of:

  • New spine technology (including coding and reimbursement)

  • Disease-state education

  • Clinical data updates

  • Patient indications

  • Documentation practice

  • Patient advocacy

  • Coverage landscape awareness

To further help you and your staff, we’ve created these resources related to coding, reimbursement, and prior authorization:

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with any reimbursement questions.