Insurance Support

Since surgery with the coflex device is not covered by all major insurance plans, your practicing surgeon may need to request coverage from your insurance company and inform them as to why it is medically necessary for you to receive the coflex device. This process is known as a “prior authorization.” After this submission has been reviewed by your insurance company, they will determine if treatment with coflex is covered through your insurance.For instances where coflex is not covered by your insurance company, do not get discouraged! There is a unique concierge patient support and coverage access program called coflexConnect that is specifically designed to help guide you and your surgeon toward obtaining coverage for the necessary care you need.

The coflexConnect Team:

  • Facilitates patient access to coflex
  • Provides education and support to you and the practice
  • Pursues benefits verification, prior-authorization, and appeals

Download the coflexConnect Patient Information Card to understand what other benefits are included within the program.

Patient Information Card

Get in touch with a coflexConnect Team member today by sending an email to or call 888.796.8411.