A Guided Patient Program

The coflexConnectSM program is a guided patient experience made for patients who have been diagnosed with lumbar spinal stenosis. Upon joining the program, you will receive one-on-one, personalized support from a Care Coordinator, who is there to answer all of your questions, provide educational resources, and guide you through each step from diagnosis to finding the best treatment option for you. To get more information about the next steps and what to expect from your Care Coordinator, download our Patient Information Card.

With the coflexConnectSM support program, you’ll receive:

Personalized Support

Educational Materials

Planning for Surgery and Recovery

Peer Support from
Patient Ambassadors

Help Finding a
coflex® Interlaminar Stabilization®
Certified Surgeon

Dedicated Care Coordinators

Your assigned care coordinator can help provide:

  • Confidential, one-on-one support
  • Answers to any non-medical questions
  • Educational resources to help you better understand your LSS
  • Help locating a spine specialist to be evaluated for treatment
  • Assistance preparing for doctors appointments
  • Guidance in setting goals for next steps in your treatment journey

“I felt free to call at any time with problems and questions. Every time she would answer them for me. It was a great process; I couldn’t be more satisfied.”

Age 69

“I have to say one of the most encouraging things was I got a phone call from Debbie before my surgery. I was so impressed, and I thought I am doing the right thing because of her call.”

Age 69

Patient Ambassador Program

As part of the coflexConnectSM team, if you are recommended for the coflex device, you will be able to speak with a patient who has been through the coflex procedure and can share their experience with you.

“Being able to talk to someone who had been through the surgery helped me prepare mentally. I was able to ask questions about his recovery and how he was doing afterwards. Without that I would have not been as prepared.” Age 74

If you still have some questions make sure to check out our Frequently Asked Questions document regarding the coflexConnectSM program.


Get Started with the coflexConnectSM Program

So that we can better provide you with the most personalized support and resources for wherever you are on your coflex journey, please select the option that best describes you.

Once coflexConnectSM receives this form, you will receive a phone call from a care coordinator within 1 business day to answer your questions and discuss next steps.

coflexConnectSM Consent Agreement
By completing and submitting this form, I acknowledge that I am a US resident over the age of 18; and I authorize Legacy Health Strategies (“Legacy”) to enter the information I have provided into a database solely for purposes of receiving personalized education and support from Legacy. I agree that Legacy, its agents, subcontractors, affiliates, or third parties under contract with them may contact me from time to time by telephone or email to provide information about services related to coflexConnectSM. I understand that the information will be treated confidentially and will be accessed only by authorized personnel or third parties under contract with Legacy or its affiliates. I have a right of access and verification to my personal information. I also have a right to opt-out of receiving information at any time. Subject to the above, unless authorized by me, my personal information will not be sold or transferred to third parties, other than in the event of Legacy or its affiliates being sold. This consent shall be valid and enforceable until such time as I opt out. If I no longer wish to receive information, I may opt-out at any time by calling my assigned coflexConnectSM Coordinator or by clicking “Unsubscribe” on any Program email. This statement may be updated from time to time.