A Guided Patient Experience

Navigating the challenges of an LSS diagnosis and treatment can be overwhelming for patients. As a partner of coflexConnectSM, your practice will be able to offer patients a concierge program that provides them education and support throughout their treatment journey. To learn more about how your practice can partner with the coflexConnectSM program, download our Program Overview document.

Emotional Support

Nonmedical questions the patient may have can be answered by the care coordinator.

Patient Education

Patients will receive resources to help them navigate LSS and be better prepared for surgery.

Insurance Guidance

The care coordinator will educate the patient about the process of receiving insurance coverage for their coflex procedure.

Ambassador Program

Patients who have been through the coflex surgery can help others by sharing their experience.

“I felt free to call at any time with problems and questions. Every time she would answer them for me. It was a great process; I couldn’t be more satisfied.”

Age 69

“Thank you [coflexConnect] for everything you have done for me. You have been so nice and pleasant to work with. You made going through the process much easier.”

Age 74

“Being able to talk to someone who had been through the surgery helped me prepare mentally. I was able to ask questions about his recovery and how he was doing afterwards. Without that I would have not been as prepared.”

Age 74

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For any questions you may have please review our Frequently Asked Questions document for more information regarding the coflexConnectSM program.


Make sure to consult our How to Guide regarding enrollment of your patients in the coflexConnectSM program as well as the Ambassador Program.

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T Post-operative.
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