Benefits vs. Fusion

Fusion is appropriate for many patients; however, motion is lost at both the treated and adjacent segments, multiple pieces of hardware and bone graft are required, and the recovery process can be long and difficult. Your surgeon can offer coflex as an alternative to fusion for moderate to severe lumbar spinal stenosis with <Grade I spondylolisthesis patients.

In a U.S. FDA study, coflex was compared to pedicle screw fusion. The coflex device proved to be a viable alternative treatment option compared to pedicle screw fusion out to 5 years, and results showed that coflex patients performed as good as if not better in all clinical measurements. The coflex patients experienced:

  • Leg and back pain relief (both immediately and long-term)
  • Less time in the operating room, less blood loss, and less days in the hospital
  • Faster relief of symptoms and quicker recovery (pain and function measurements)
  • Maintenance of range of motion at both treated and adjacent segments

Every patient is different; therefore, results may vary. Claims based on FDA PMA P110008, October 2012. All data on file at Paradigm Spine, LLC.

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