Benefits vs. Decompression

Decompression is appropriate for many patients; however, in order for the surgeon to adequately decompress the spine, all bony and neural elements putting pressure on the spinal nerves causing the pain should be removed, which may cause the spine to become unstable. Your surgeon can implant the motion-preserving coflex device directly after a surgical decompression to help keep your spine stable.

In a European study, coflex was compared to decompression alone. The coflex device proved to extend the durability and sustainability of a decompression procedure out to two years. The coflex patients experienced:

  • Superior composite clinical results (combination of 4 clinically relevant factors: disability improvement, neurological maintenance or improvement, no subsequent interventions, no device related complications)
  • Superior walking distance improvement (2.4x more compared to decompression alone)
  • Superior foraminal and disc height maintenance (allowing nerves to exit spinal canal freely)
  • Significantly less epidural steroid injections post-surgery (decompression patients had 3.3xmore)(decompression burring away from LSS animation)

*Every patient is different; therefore, results may vary. Claims based on ESCADA data, published in Journal of Neurosurgery: Spine. Volume 28 Issue 4, April 2018. All data on file at Paradigm Spine, LLC.

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